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Annepu, A A and Naik, V C B and Rao, G M V P and Kukanur, V S and Chiranjivi, Ch and Kumar, P A and Rao, V S (2023) Frequency of Cry1Ac and Cry2Ab resistance alleles in pink bollworm, Pectinophora gossypiella Saunders from Andhra Pradesh, India. Phytoparasitica, 51. pp. 491-502. ISSN 1876-7184


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Kabiraj, A and Halder, U and Panja, A S and Chitikineni, A and Varshney, R K and Bandopadhyay, R (2023) Detailed genomic and biochemical characterization and plant growth promoting properties of an arsenic-tolerant isolate of Bacillus pacificus from contaminated groundwater of West Bengal, India. Biocatalysis and Agricultural Biotechnology (TSI), 52. ISSN 1878-8181

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Kumar, S and Pramanik, S and Khan, P E and Nedumaran, S and Das, A and Paithankar, P and Kumar, Abhay and Jain, A and Avinandan, V (2023) ICRISAT and WFP: India Working Paper Effect of Climate Change on Food Stability in the Context of Food Security in India. Working Paper. World Food Programme.


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Pandey, D K and Dubey, S K and Verma, A K and Wangchu, L and Dixit, S and Devi, C V and Sawargaonkar, G (2023) Indigenous Peoples’ Psychological Wellbeing Amid Transitions in Shifting Cultivation Landscape: Evidence from the Indian Himalayas. Sustainability (TSI), 15 (8). pp. 1-17. ISSN 2071-1050

Pandey, D K and Singh, S and Dubey, S K and Mehra, T S and Dixit, S and Sawargaonkar, G L (2023) Nutrient profiling of lablab bean (Lablab purpureus) from north-eastern India: A potential legume for plant-based meat alternatives. Journal of Food Composition and Analysis, 119. ISSN 1096-0481

Panjala, P and Reddi, V R M and Gumma, M K and Deevi, K C and Gupta, S K (2023) Identifying prospects and potential areas for introducing pearl millet stress-tolerant cultivars in Rajasthan, India: A geospatial analysis. Smart Agricultural Technology, 6. pp. 1-10. ISSN 2772-3755

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Prathyusha, V B and Swathi, E and Divya, D and Reddy, B V B and Bentur, J S and Chalam, V C and Wankhede, D P and Singh, K (2023) Field and agroinoculation screening of national collection of urd bean (Vigna mungo) germplasm accessions for new sources of mung bean yellow mosaic virus (MYMV) resistance. 3 Biotech (TSI), 13. ISSN 2190-5738


Sagar, N and Sayiprathap, B R and Jamadar, M M and Patibanda, A K and Madhu, G S and Harish, D (2023) First Report of Phakopsora euvitis Causing Leaf Rust Disease on Grapevine (Vitis labrusca) in India. Plant Disease, 107 (9). p. 2868. ISSN 1943-7692

Shyam, D M and Murali, T V and Kumara Charyulu, D and Dobariya, K L and Madariya, R B and Bera, S K and Janila, P (2023) Groundnut Value Chain Study in India with Special Emphasis on High Oleic Cultivars. Monograph. ICRISAT, Patancheru, India.

Singh, A K and Singh, J B and Das, B and Singh, R and Ghosh, A and Kantwa, S R (2023) Evaluation of machine learning models for prediction of daily reference evapotranspiration in semi-arid India. Range Management and Agroforestry, 44 (1). pp. 118-125. ISSN 2249-5231

Snapp, S and Sapkota, T B and Chamberlin, J and Cox, C M and Gameda, S and Jat, M L and Marenya, P and Mottalebab, K A and Negra, C and Senthilkumar, K and Sida, T S and Singh, U and Stewart, Z P and Tesfaye, K and Govaerts, B (2023) Spatially differentiated nitrogen supply is key in a global food–fertilizer price crisis. Nature Sustainability, 6. pp. 1268-1278. ISSN 2398-9629


Toorop, R A and Lopez-Ridaura, S and Jat, M L and Eichenseer, P and Bijarniya, D and Jat, R K and Groot, J C J (2023) Analyzing antifragility among smallholder farmers in Bihar, India: An assessment of farmers’ vulnerability and the strengths of positive deviants. Experimental Agriculture, 59 (4). 01-17. ISSN 1469-4441

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