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Pandey, M K and Gangurde, S S and Shasidhar, Y and Sharma, V and Kale, S M and Khan, A W and Shah, P and Joshi, P and Bhat, R S and Janila, P and Bera, S K and Varshney, R K (2024) High-throughput diagnostic markers for foliar fungal disease resistance and high oleic acid content in groundnut. BMC Plant Biology (TSI), 24. pp. 1-16. ISSN 1471-2229

Kudapa, H and Barmukh, R and Vemuri, H and Gorthy, S and Pinnamaneni, R and Vetriventhan, M and Srivastava, R K and Joshi, P and Habyarimana, E and Gupta, S K and Govindaraj, M (2023) Genetic and genomic interventions in crop biofortification: Examples in millets. Frontiers in Plant Science (TSI), 14. pp. 1-15. ISSN 1664-462X

Sundaram, P and Samineni, S and Sajja, S B and Singh, S P and Joshi, P and Shweta, - and Gaur, P M (2023) Identification of Transgressive Segregants and Variability Studies in Segregating Generations of Four Crosses in Chickpea. Legume Research- An International Journal, 46 (1). pp. 25-31. ISSN 0976-0571

Singh, M K and Roorkiwal, M and Rathore, A and Soren, K R and Pithia, M S and Yasin, M and Barpete, S and Singh, S and Barmukh, R and Das, R R and Gangwar, P and Chetariya, C P and Joshi, P and Chaturvedi, S K and Javia, R M and Ramani, V V and Hamwieh, A and Kumar, S and Bharadwaj, C and Singh, N P and Varshney, R K (2022) Evaluation of Global Composite Collection Reveals Agronomically Superior Germplasm Accessions for Chickpea Improvement. Agronomy (TSI), 12 (9). pp. 1-30. ISSN 2073-4395

Parmar, S and Deshmukh, D B and Kumar, R and Manohar, S S and Joshi, P and Sharma, V and Chaudhari, S and Variath, M T and Gangurde, S S and Bohar, R and Singam, P and Varshney, R K and Janila, P and Pandey, M K (2021) Single Seed-Based High-Throughput Genotyping and Rapid Generation Advancement for Accelerated Groundnut Genetics and Breeding Research. Agronomy (TSI), 11 (6). pp. 1-15. ISSN 2073-4395

Gangurde, S S and Nayak, S N and Joshi, P and Purohit, S and Sudini, H K and Chitikineni, A and Hong, Y and Guo, B and Chen, X and Pandey, M K and Varshney, R K (2021) Comparative Transcriptome Analysis Identified Candidate Genes for Late Leaf Spot Resistance and Cause of Defoliation in Groundnut. International Journal of Molecular Sciences (TSI), 22 (4491). pp. 1-23. ISSN 1422-0067

Sundaram, P and Samineni, S and Sajja, S and Roy, C and Singh, S P and Joshi, P and Gaur, P M (2019) Inheritance and relationships of flowering time and seed size in kabuli chickpea. Euphytica (TSI), 215 (9). pp. 1-14. ISSN 0014-2336

Joshi, P and Yasin, M and Sundaram, P (2018) Genetic Variability, Heritability and Genetic Advance Study for Seed Yield and Yield Component Traits in a Chickpea Recombinant Inbred Line (RIL) Population. International Journal of Pure & Applied Bioscience, 6 (2). pp. 136-141. ISSN 23207051

Oosterom, E J Van and Mahalakshmi, V and Arya, G K and Dave, H R and Gothwal, B D and Joshi, A K and Joshi, P and Kapoor, R L and Sagar, P and Saxena, M B L and Singhania, D L and Vyas, K L (1995) Effect of yield potential, drought escape and drought tolerance on yield of pearl millet (Pennisetum glaucum) in different stress environments. Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 65 (9). pp. 629-635. ISSN 0019-5022

Book Section

Joshi, P and Gupta, S K and Ojulong, H and Sharma, R and Vetriventhan, M and Kudapa, H and Choudhary, S and Naresh, D and Kholova, J and Sajja, S (2023) Finger Millet Improvement in Post-genomic Era: Hundred Years of Breeding and Moving Forward. In: Smart Plant Breeding for Field Crops in Post-genomics Era. Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd., Singapore, pp. 221-253. ISBN 978-981-19-8218-7

Bhinda, M S and Joshi, D C and Parihar, M and Meena, R P and Joshi, P and Gupta, A and Kant, L and Sood, S (2023) Genetics, breeding, and genomics of Indian barnyard millet (Echinochloa frumentacea): status and perspectives. In: Neglected and Underutilized Crops Future Smart Food. Elsevier, United Kingdom, pp. 115-135. ISBN 978-0-323-90537-4


Raju, K V and Naik, G and Ramseshan, R and Pandey, T and Joshi, P (2016) Transforming Agricultural Marketing in India: Linking Farmers to a National Gateway and E-Markets Current Scenario and a Way Forward, Research Report IDC-5. Technical Report. ICRISAT, Patancheru.

Raju, K V and Naik, G and Ramseshan, R and Pandey, T and Joshi, P and Anantha, K H and Rao, A V R K and Moses Shyam, D and Kumara Charyulu, D (2016) Transforming Weather Index-Based Crop Insurance in India: Protecting Small Farmers from Distress. Status and a Way Forward. Research Report IDC-8. Technical Report. ICRISAT, Patancheru.

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