Host plant resistance to diseases: potential and limitations

Thakur, R P (2007) Host plant resistance to diseases: potential and limitations. Indian Journal of Plant Protection, 35 (1). pp. 17-21.

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Of several control measures available, host-plant resistance has been a strong choice for economical and effective management of plant diseases. During the natural host-pathogen interaction process, some pathogens have evolved to parasitize large number of hosts while others have remained specific to certain hosts and developed pathotypes and races that are specific to cultivars within a host form. Based on the genetic and biochemical parameters, resistance in plants has been classified into monogenic, oligogenic, polygenic, acquired resistance and post-transcriptional gene silencing. The conventional breeding for disease resistance in most crop plants has mostly utilized major resistance (R) genes based on the classical gene-for-gene system that has often been accompanied by rapid breakdown of resistance. Polygenic or quantitative resistance has been used much less frequently than the major gene resistance and thus in many cases resistance has been nondurable. Following developments in molecular techniques, a number of R genes against different pathogens have now been cloned from different plant species that encode specific proteins and this has enhanced the possibilities of efficient resistance breeding. Many R genes lack durability because they can be defeated by a single loss-of-function mutation in the corresponding avirulence (Avr) gene. Pyramiding several R genes effective against multiple races of a pathogen using marker-assisted breeding and transgenic use of R genes and their clusters resistance provide future prospect for breeding cultivars for durable resistance.

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