Constitutive and Induced Resistance to Insect Pests in Groundnut and Their Potential for Pest Management

War, A R (2012) Constitutive and Induced Resistance to Insect Pests in Groundnut and Their Potential for Pest Management. PHD thesis, University of Madras.

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Paulraj, GLoyola College


From this study it is evident that groundnut has the potential for induced resistance against insect pests by modulating its physiology, morphology and biochemistry. The phytohormones JA and SA are involved in the groundnut plant defense. This could hold true for other related legume crops. Natural enemies were differentially attracted towards the groundnut genotypes with different levels of resistance. Groundnut leaf lectin affected the insect growth and development by altering the midgut enzyme activities. Induced plant defenses can be utilized for pest control in agricultural systems. Modulation of plant‘s defense will increase the effectiveness of plants to defend against herbivores, by attracting natural enemies after mild damage by the herbivores to avoid the subsequent damage and also by modifying the oviposition behavior of the herbivores. With a better understanding of mechanisms involved in induced resistance, plant breeders may be able to incorporate them into breeding programs when selecting for resistance to herbivores. An understanding of induced resistance in plants can be utilized for interpreting the ecological interactions between plants and herbivores and for exploiting in pest management in crops. Since the biochemical pathways that lead to induced resistance are highly conserved among the plants, the elicitors of these pathways could be used as inducers in many crops...

Item Type: Thesis (PHD)
Subjects: Mandate crops > Groundnut
Others > Fertilizer Applications
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Depositing User: Mr Sanat Kumar Behera
Date Deposited: 18 Jul 2012 03:51
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