Genetic lntrogression from Compatible Wild Species into Cultivated Groundnut

Singh, A K (1985) Genetic lntrogression from Compatible Wild Species into Cultivated Groundnut. In: Proceedings of an International Workshop on Cytogenetics of Arachis, 31 Oct - 2 Nov 1983, Patancheru, Andhra Pradesh, India.

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The drplord wrld speoes (2n.20) compahble wrth the cultrvatcrd letraplord groundnut A hypogee8 (2n=IO). are sources of resrstance to many drseasss of groundnut The ferfrlrty observed rn trrplod hybrrds of A hyp0g.m and erghf drplotd spocres. and the recovery of progenres wrfh drplord to hexapkrd chromosome numbers hrve led to the rdentrlrcafron of a raprd method for the productron of retraplord rnterspecrfrc derrvatrves T h e henaplords rarsed from the trrplord hybrrds show rntra- and rntergenomrc parrmg rn the form 01 btvalents rndmult~vrlents. Hexeplords and the progenres of the trrplords were backcrossed wtth A hypogaee and produced A hypogaea-lrke dertvatrves Autotetraplo~ds were crossed wrth A hypcqsee end some lerfrle F I progenres obtsrned Forty-SIX 01 the 56 possrble ~nferspecrfrc crosses among erght drplord wrld specres producad seeds Amphrplotds were esleblrshed rn 31 combrnatrons. 23 have been crossed wrth A hypogaea

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