Characteristics, Inheritance, and Allelic Relationships of Midribless Mutants in Pearl Millet

Rao, S A and Mengesha, M H and Reddy, C R (1988) Characteristics, Inheritance, and Allelic Relationships of Midribless Mutants in Pearl Millet. Journal of Heridity, 79 (1). pp. 18-20.

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Three spontaneous midribless mutants in pearl millet [Pennisetum americanum (L.) Leeke] were identified after screening the world collection of over 17,000 germ plasm accessions. The midribless mutants are characterized by leaf blades that tend to droop because of the absence of a keel in the midrib portion of the leaf lamina. Seed set was drastically reduced in J 561 (India) and IP 6534 (Mali) midribless mutants as the gynoecium and androecium were affected. In another midribless mutant, IP 10154 (Mali), the gynoecium was absent or rudimentary, but the androecium was more prominent with prolific pollen shedding. Studies of F2 segregation in reciprocal crosses between normal and their respective midribless mutants indicated that a single recessive gene controlled the midribless trait in each of the three mutants. Tests for complementation among the midribless mutants indicated that J 561 and IP 6534 have the same gene for the trait designated mrl1, and IP 10154 has a different gene designated mrl2. The midribless trait in J 561 (mrl1) showed independent assortment with three qualitative seedling traits, viz., bright yellow (by by), glossy (gl gl), and trichomeless (tr tr).

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