Multiple Insect Resistance in Sorghum

Nwanze, K F and Taneja, S L and Sharma, H C and Reddy, B V S (1991) Multiple Insect Resistance in Sorghum. Sorghum Newsletter, 32. p. 52.

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A technique was developed to enable test entries to be subjected to combinations of shoot fly [Atherigona soccata], stem borer [Chilo partellus] and midge [Contarinia sorghicola] infestations and evaluated for resistance to 1 or more of these insects. The technique was standardized over 3 seasons by testing 220 entries consisting of 170 germplasm sources previously identified as resistant to single pests, 42 improved breeding lines and F sub(4)-F sub(6) progenies, and 8 commercial high-yielding cultivars. In general, resistant sources tended to combine resistance to stem borer with resistance to other pest species, and there was a higher frequency for resistance to stem borer as a second component than for any other insect. IS18551 and IS2195 were the best entries with resistance to shoot fly and stem borer and IS22464 was the best midge-resistant line. Advanced breeding lines showed a wide range of resistance to all 3 pests and had a higher frequency of resistance to stem borer. After 2 more seasons of testing, 35 promising lines with various combinations of resistance to all 3 pests were re-evaluated in 1989-90. Entries were also evaluated for recovery resistance to shoot fly and stem borer 50 and 90 days after seedling emergence, and for overall plant performance at harvest when yield data were recorded. Genotypes that combined reasonable levels of resistance to shoot fly and/or stem borer recovered better and gave higher yields than those with good levels of resistance to midge. IS2122 and IS5613 were the best performing entries with yields of over 3 t/ha. PS28060-3 had the best combination of resistance to all 3 pests, but grain yield was very low (1.05 t/ha).

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