Manual of laboratory procedures for quality evaluation of sorghum and pearl millet

Gomez, M I and Obilana, A B and Martin, D F and Madzvamuse, M and Monyo, E S (1997) Manual of laboratory procedures for quality evaluation of sorghum and pearl millet. Manual. International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics.

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This manual is for use by scientists and technicians who screen and evaluate varieties of sorghum and pearl millet for their grain quality. It is based on experience in agronomy and food technology acquired over several years in SADC/ICRISAT's Sorghum and Millet Improvement Program in Zimbabwe, where there is a focus on generalized screening methods for broad grain qualities rather than detailed component analysis of a molecular nature. Laboratory procedures, including qualitative and quantitative methods, were compiled f rom existing sources and modified in several ways for the Program's use. Quality parameters were focused on grain, on primary products such as flour, meal, and malt, and on such secondary products as baked flour, steamed flour, and porridge. The grain and these products were evaluated using physical and chemical methods, and a database was created to serve as an empirical reference document derived f rom field and laboratory results. The manual's first section, on grain-quality evaluation, describes rapid techniques for routine screening. The qualitative parameters used are: color, pericarp thickness, testa, endosperm texture, and hardness. Quantitative parameters comprise 100-kernel weight , Agt ron readings, and moisture, floaters, dehulling loss, milling yield, size fractions, and water absorption expressed as percentages. Eight chemical methods of evaluation are described in the second section, among which only rapid tannin analysis forms part of routine screening tests. The last section covers product preparation and testing, wi th specific reference to bread, cookies, and porridge. And the manual ends wi th its unique empirical database of 39 tables which presents grain-quality and malting test results for selected lines, varieties, and hybrids of sorghum and pearl millet.

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