Energy Sorghum : An alternative energy crop A Handbook

Khawaja, C and Janssen, R and Rutz, D and Luquet, D and Trouche, G and Reddy, B V S and Rao, P S and Basavaraj, G and Schaffert, R and Damasceno, C and Parella, R and Zacharias, A and Bushmann, R and Rettenmaier, N and Reinhardt, G and Monti, A and Lizarazu, W Z and Amaducci, S and Marocco, A and Snijman, W and Shargie, N and Terblanche, H and Zavala-Garcia, F and Braconnier, S (2014) Energy Sorghum : An alternative energy crop A Handbook. WIP Renewable Energies, Munich. ISBN 9783936338317

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Increasing world market prices for fossil fuels, driven by limited reserves, growing demand and instability in producing regions, now render renewable fuels economical. Such fuels are also a pathway to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and mitigating climate change. The transport sector which is almost totally dependent on fossil fuels, particularly for powering personal vehicles and trucks, is the most concerned sector. Biofuels, defined as solid, liquid or gas fuels derived from biomass, are today the only direct substitute for fossil fuels on a significant scale particularly in transport sector. Biofuels are considered environmentally friendly because the CO2 emissions they produce during combustion is balanced by the CO2 absorbed by the plants growth. To be a viable substitute for fossil fuels, an alternative fuel should not only have superior environmental benefits over the fossil fuels it substitutes, be economically competitive with it, and be available in sufficient quantities to make meaningful impact on energy demand, but it should also provide a net energy gain over the energy invested to produce it and have minimal effect on food security... {This handbook was elaborated in the framework of the SWEETFUEL project (grant agreement number 227422), supported by the European Commission}

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Sorghum; Energy; Energy Crop
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Acknowledgement: This handbook was elaborated in the framework of the SWEETFUEL project (grant agreement number 227422), supported by the European Commission through the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). The authors would like to thank the European Commission for the support of the SWEETFUEL project as well as the reviewers and SWEETFUEL partners for their contribution to the handbook.
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