Agriculture: Feeding the future

McCouch, S and Baute, G J and Bradeen, J and Bramel, P and Bretting, P K and Buckler, E and Burke, J M and Charest, D and Cloutier, S and Cole, G and Dempewolf, H and Dingkuhn, M and Feuillet, C and Gepts, P and Grattapaglia, D and Guarino, L and Jackson, S and Knapp, S and Langridge, P and Lawton-Rauh, A and Lijua, Q and Lusty, C and Michael, T and Myles, S and Naito, K and Nelson, R L and Pontarollo, R and Richards, C M and Rieseberg, L and Ross-Ibarra, J and Rounsley, S and Hamilton, R S and Schurr, U and Stein, N and Tomooka, N and van der Knaap, E and van Tassel, D and Toll, J and Valls, J and Varshney, R K and Ward, J and Waugh, R and Wenzl, P and Zamir, D (2013) Agriculture: Feeding the future. Nature, 24 (499). pp. 23-24. ISSN 1476-4687

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Humanity depends on fewer than a dozen of the approximately 300,000 species of flowering plants for 80% of its caloric intake. And we capitalize on only a fraction of the genetic diversity that resides within each of these species. This is not enough to support our food system in the future. Food availability must double in the next 25 years to keep pace with population and income growth around the world. Already, food-production systems are precarious in the face of intensifying demand, climate change, soil degradation and water and land shortages. Farmers have saved the seeds of hundreds of crop species and hundreds of thousands of ‘primitive’ varieties (local domesticates called landraces), as well as the wild relatives of crop species and modern varieties no longer in use. These are stored in more than 1,700 gene banks worldwide. Maintaining the 11 international gene-bank collections alone costs about US$18 million a year.

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