Groundnut Variety ICGV 87128 (ICGS 44)

ICRISAT, - (1989) Groundnut Variety ICGV 87128 (ICGS 44). Documentation. International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics.

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ICGV87128 (ICGS44) is a high yielding, Spanish type and was released in 1988 for post-rainy season cultivation in Gujarat. It was derived from a single plant selection in a natural hybrid population of Virginia type Robut 33-1 (Kadiri 3) in 1977-78. The other parent is unknown but it is thought to be a Spanish type variety. ICGV87128 has a decumbent growth habit with sequential flowering, 4-6 primary branches and 2-4 secondary branches. Plant height is 16.2 cm. It matures in 120 days in the post rainy season and has a shelling turnover of 70%. Trials carried out in Gujarat in 1986-87 demonstrated a maximum pod yield of 3.51 t/ha vs. 2.57 in GG2 with full irrigation. In trials in several states pod yield varied from 1.0-4.8 t/ha. It has smooth, beakless 2-seeded small to medium-sized pods with a slight to moderate constriction. Seeds have a 100-seed weight of 60g, contain 49% oil and 25% protein and have an oleic : linoleic acid ratio of 1.34. ICGV87128 is tolerant of bud necrosis (caused by tomato spotted wilt virus), has an average response to end-of-season drought (from which it makes a good recovery) and is relatively photoperiod-insensitive.

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