Insect Antifeedants And Growth Inhibitors From Azadirachta Indica And Plumbago Zeylanica

Sharma, H C and Leuschner, K and Sankaram, A V B and Gunasekhar, D and Marthandamurthi, M and Bhaskaraiah, K and Subrahmanyam, M and Sultana, N (1983) Insect Antifeedants And Growth Inhibitors From Azadirachta Indica And Plumbago Zeylanica. In: Natural Pesticides from Neem Tree and other Tropical Plants Proceeding of the 2nd International Neem Conference, 1986, GTZ. Eschborn.

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Solvent extracts of dlfferent parts of the neem tree (Azadlrachta lndica A. 3uss) were bioassayed for thelr antlfeedant properties agalnst flrst- and thlrd-instar larvae of Mythimna reparata. Fraction 'C', obtalned from an ethanollc extract of the shade-drled neem seeds (Hyderabad, India) was the most effective phagodeterrent under glasshouse, laboratory and, to a 11mlted extent, fleld conditions. Fractlon 'C' was further purlfled to fractlon 'M', whlch was subjected to column chromatography (silica gel) result~ng In IG fractions, AI-l to AI-14. Fractions AI-9, AI-10 and AI-11 were found to be b~olog~calalyc tive, reduclng leaf feedlng and larval weight consrderably. None of the treated larvae whlch fed on leaf dlscs treated wlth the fractions and extracts 'C' and 'M' could pupate. The retentlon tlme of the malor component of AI-10 on a p BONDAPAK C18 10 u, 3.9 mm ID, 30 cm column (hlgh performance liquid chromatography) was close to that of azadlrachtln. Spectral lnvestlgatlons revealed that this major component of A1 1s dlfferent from the antifeedants reported earher from A, indica and Melia azedarach. It has been des~gnated as vepaol (the Telugu name for neem IS vepa), and some aspects of 11s structure are discussed. Studles relatlng to the effectiveness of fraction 'G' on the oriental rmyworm, Mythrmna reparata, and other sorghum pests are presented.

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Acknowledgement: This constitutes conference paper No. 149, from the International Crops Research lnst~tute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT), Patancheru, 502 324, A.P., India. The authors are grateful to Mr. V. Venkateswara Rao for his help in the bioassay experiments; Dr. K. Kannan and Mr. R.E.C. Johnson (Centre for Cellulare and Molecular Biology, Hyderabad) for their help in the high performance llquid chromatographic studies; Mr. N. Sivasankara Reddy (Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, Research and Development, R & D. Hyderabad) for the 'H NMR specirum of vepaol; Prof. T.R. Govindacharl (22 Crescent Street, T. Nagar, Madras) and Dr. J.D. Warthen, Jr. (Agricultural Environmental Quality Institute, Beltsville; MD, U.5.A) for the samples of atadirachtin; and Dr. C. Thyagarajan, Dr. P.B. Sattur (Regional Research Laboratory, Hyderabad), Dr. L.R. House and Dr. J.S. Kanwar (ICRISAT, Hyderabad) for the~re ncouragement and keen interest in these investigations.
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