Cytological Analysis of Synthetic Groundnut

Sneha Priya, P R (2011) Cytological Analysis of Synthetic Groundnut. ENGD thesis, International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics.

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Mallikarjuna, NICRISAT


The domesticated groundnut is an amphidiploid or allotetraploid, meaning that it has two sets of chromosomes from two different species, thought to be A. duranensis and A. ipaensis.It is likely that these species combine in the wild to form the tetraploid species . A. monticola, and it is presumed that domesticated groundnut originated from this species. The process of domestication is a reason for the narrow genetic base of the groundnut. Due to which it is said to have low levels of resistance which further makes it susceptible to various diseases. ...................

Item Type: Thesis (ENGD)
Subjects: Mandate crops > Groundnut
Depositing User: Mr Sanat Kumar Behera
Date Deposited: 14 Sep 2011 11:27
Last Modified: 20 Nov 2015 05:10
Acknowledgement: At the very outset, I take this opportunity to convey my sincere thanks and express my deep sense of gratitude to my Project supervisor Dr. Nalini Mallikarjuna, Principal Scientist, Grain legumes, Cell Biology, ICRISAT for providing me the very opportunity of doing this project at ICRISAT and, who has also put all her heart and soul and spent long painful hours in proof reading and suggesting valuable changes and for standing by me during the needy hours of my frustration and nervousness and Dr. Rosana P Mula, Coordinator, Learning Systems Unit, ICRISAT for readily accepting my candidature as an Intern at ICRISAT and also Dr. M Khetmalas, Director of Dr.D.Y.Patil Biotechnology & Bioinformatics Institute, Pune who promptly sponsored my candidature for Internship and Project work at ICRISAT. Indeed, it could not have been possible to me to complete this project without their support, cooperation and help. I am very grateful to them. I also herby thankfully acknowledge the invaluable help and remarkable services and constant support, guidance, encouragement and scholarly advises provided by Dr. Deepak R Jadhav, Lead Scientific Officer, ICRISAT, and also to Mrs Sandhya Rani, and Ms Sameera Sastry Research Scholars, who cheerfully helped me in promptly verifying my laboratory results and findings and for their constructive criticism in presentation of my thesis. Indeed, their help and support has been very instrumental in timely and successfully completing this project. I also express my sincere and honest regards and deep sense of gratitude to Dr Minal Wani, Associate Professor, Dept. of Plant & Animal Biotechnology, Dr.D.Y.Patil Biotechnology & Bioinformatics Institute, Pune, Dr S.Sathyan Senior Scientific Officer, M/s Central Forensic Science Laboratory, Hyderabad and Dr G.Pakki Reddy ,Executive Director, M/s Agri Biotech Foundation, Hyderabad who instantly forwarded the necessary Letters of Recommendation to ICRISAT without which I could not have secured Internship . I also take immense pleasure in conveying my sincere thanks to. Mr V Balaji, Mr. Gautham and Mr. Murthi, Head, Information Resource Management Office and Library Associates, ICRISAT who have been very helpful and friendly in providing me uninterrupted accesses to internet and various books, publications, journals. I also owe a special word of thanks to Mr. S.V Prasad Rao and Mr. Damodar, Executives of LSU, ICRISAT for timely providing me all needed administrative support and guidance and also Mr. Balakrishna, Mr. Laxmiah, Mr. Satyanarayana,Mr. Avinash, Mr. Ravi, Mr. Satya, Ms. Yamuna Rani, Mrs. Sony, Mrs. Laxmi and Mrs. Amrutha for their kind help, cooperation and support. I also thank Dr C.N.Reddy, Chief Medical Officer and other medical supporting staff of FMU, ICRISAT who patiently treated me with all love, compassion and cheerfulness during my short illness. Further, I would be failing in my moral duty if I do not duly acknowledge one of the most celebrated and highly distinguished veteran and great personality behind the screen, Mr P.V.C Shekhar Reddy, VSM, my beloved father for rendering indispensable services in pursuing my life’s goals and ambitions and mentoring my career, who had not only shown me the doors of ICRISAT but also provided me everything needed to accomplish my childhood dream of working in the state-of-the-art laboratories of ICRISAT and realize my career passion and obsession. Words seem to be inadequate in expressing my profound gratitude to him. Indeed I am very proud of being born to him and I shall be greatly indebted to him forever.
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