Grain mold resistance in advanced sorghum B-lines

Reddy, P S and Rao, V P and Reddy, B V S and Ramesh, S and Thakur, R P (2005) Grain mold resistance in advanced sorghum B-lines. International Sorghum and Millets Newsletter, 46. pp. 29-32.

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Twenty-eight advanced sorghum B-lines were evaluated for resistance to grain mould [caused by Cochliobolus lunatus] in Andhra Pradesh, India, during the rainy season of 2003, along with resistant (IS 14384) and susceptible (Bulk Y and 296B) controls. Significant differences were observed among the 28 lines for grain mould reaction at grain physiological maturity (PGMR) and grain mould reaction on threshed grain (TGMR) scores, number of days to 50% flowering, plant height, grain hardness, grain mass and grain yield. SGMR 33-1, SGMR 33-2, SGMR 40-1 and SGMR 40-2 were on a par with the resistant control in terms of PGMR score but were superior with regard to grain yield (2.31-2.69 t/ha). These B-lines, besides flowering early (<70 days), had semi-compact to compact panicles and red/brown grains, with 25-75% coverage by red/brown glumes. These lines had a 100-grain mass of 1.95-2.51 g and moderate grain hardness of 3.3-4.4 kg/seed (compared with 100-grain mass of 1.88 g and grain hardnessof 2.3 kg/seed for 296 B). Lines with brown grains and glumes showed greater resistance to mould than those with red grains and glumes, or white grains and glumes. The glume cover on the grain also appeared to provide some protection to grains from mould infection. No definite relationship was observed between the extent of glume coverage and mould resistance level. A significant positive correlation between PGMR and early flowering, and a significant negative correlation between PGMR and TGMR scores and grain yield were recorded.

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