Genomic diversity and macroecology of the crop wild relatives of domesticated pea

Smykal, P and Hradilová, I and Trněný, O and Brus, J and Rathore, A and Bariotakis, M and Das, R R and Bhattacharyya, D and Richards, C and Coyne, C J and Pirintsos, S (2017) Genomic diversity and macroecology of the crop wild relatives of domesticated pea. Scientific Reports, 7(1) (17384). pp. 1-12. ISSN 2045-2322

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There is growing interest in the conservation and utilization of crop wild relatives (CWR) in international food security policy and research. Legumes play an important role in human health, sustainable food production, global food security, and the resilience of current agricultural systems. Pea belongs to the ancient set of cultivated plants of the Near East domestication center and remains an important crop today. Based on genome-wide analysis, P. fulvum was identified as a well-supported species, while the diversity of wild P. sativum subsp. elatius was structured into 5 partly geographically positioned clusters. We explored the spatial and environmental patterns of two progenitor species of domesticated pea in the Mediterranean Basin and in the Fertile Crescent in relation to the past and current climate. This study revealed that isolation by distance does not explain the genetic structure of P. sativum subsp. elatius in its westward expansion from its center of origin. The genetic diversity of wild pea may be driven by Miocene-Pliocene events, while the phylogenetic diversity centers may reflect Pleisto-Holocene climatic changes. These findings help set research and discussion priorities and provide geographical and ecological information for germplasm-collecting missions, as well as for the preservation of extant diversity in ex-situ collections.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Genomic diversity, Pea, Legumes, Legume crops, Grain Legumes, Genetic structure of wild pea, Germplasm collections
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Acknowledgement: Petr Smýkal’s research is funded by the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic, 14-11782 S and 16-21053 S projects. O.T. is supported by partial institutional funding on long-term conceptual development of Agricultural Research, Ltd. organisation.
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