Identification and Utilization of Ergot Resistance in Pearl Millet

Thakur, R R and Rai, K N and King, S B and Rao, V P (1993) Identification and Utilization of Ergot Resistance in Pearl Millet. Monograph. International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics.

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Ergot (Claviceps fusiformis) is an important disease affecting pearl millet (Pennisetum glaucum). Host-plant resistance has been central to the disease management strategies at ICRISAT Center, and accordingly the identification, utilization, and deployment of resistance to ergot has been a major objective of pearl millet improvement research. This bulletin summarizes research work done at ICRISAT since 1977, which has led to the development of an effective field screening technique, based on a proper understanding of pathogen biology and disease epidemiology, and the role of pollination in ergot infection and resistance identification; development of ergot-resistance sources; determination of the stability of resistance; and utilization of some of these sources of resistance to breed agronomically elite ergot-resistant materials, especially hybrid seed parents. More than 11 100 pearl millet entries were screened, and plants with <10% ergot severity were intermated to select lines with improved levels of resistance through pedigree breeding. About 280 ergot-resistant lines and populations were developed, and characterized for their reactions to smut, downy mildew, and rust, and for various agronomic traits. Some of the ergot-resistant lines and populations were used in breeding projects aimed at producing ergot-resistant male-sterile lines, hybrids, and openpollinated varieties. The information contained in this bulletin should be useful to breeders and pathologists involved in the genetic improvement of pearl millet. Small quantities of seed of ergot-resistant lines are available on request.

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