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Nageswara Rao, V and Meinke, H and Craufurd, P Q and Parsons, D and Kropff, M J and Anten, N P R and Wani, S P and Rego, T J (2015) Strategic double cropping on Vertisols: A viable rainfed cropping option in the Indian SAT to increase productivity and reduce risk. European Journal of Agronomy, 62 (-). pp. 26-37. ISSN 1873-7331

Nageswara Rao, V and Sastry, R K and Craufurd, P Q and Meinke, H and Parsons, D and Rego, T J and Rathore, A (2014) Cropping systems strategy for effective management of Fusarium wilt in safflower. Field Crops Research, 156. pp. 191-198. ISSN 0378-4290

Singh, P and Srinivas, K and Nageswara Rao, V and Krishna, T G (2008) Cropping systems options in relation to ENSO phase for Nandyal in Andhra Pradesh - a simulation analysis. Journal of Agrometeorology, 10 (1). pp. 150-158.

Rego, T J and Nageswara Rao, V and Seeling, B and Pardhasaradhi, G and Rao, J V D K K (2003) Nutrient balances - a guide to improving sorghum- and groundnut-based dryland cropping systems in semi-arid tropical India. Field Crops Research, 81 (1). pp. 53-68.

Rego, T J and Nageswara Rao, V (2000) Long-term effects of grain legumes on rainy-season sorghum productivity in a semi-arid tropical Vertisol. Experimental Agriculture, 36 (2). pp. 205-221.

Rego, T J and Monteith, J L and Singh, P and Lee, K K and Nageswara Rao, V and Srirama, Y V (1998) Response to fertilizer nitrogen and water of post-rainy season sorghum on a Vertisol. 1. Biomass and light interception. The Journal of Agricultural Science, 131 (4). pp. 417-428.

Nageswara Rao, V and Rego, T J and Myers, R J K (1997) Balanced Fertiliser Use in Black Soils. Fertiliser News, 42 (4). pp. 35-45.

Sharma, S B and Rego, T J and Mohiuddin, M and Nageswara Rao, V (1996) Regulation of Population Densities of Heterodera cajani and Other Plant-Parasitic Nematodes by Crop Rotations on Vertisols in Semi-Arid Tropical Production Systems in India. Journal of Nematology, 28 (2). pp. 244-251.

Book Section

Wani, S P and Albrizio, R and Nageswara Rao, V (2012) Sorghum. In: Crop yield response to Water. FAO Irrigation and Drainage Paper 66 . FAO, Rome, pp. 144-151. ISBN 978-92-5-107274-5

Wani, S P and Heng, L K and Nageswara Rao, V (2012) Soybean. In: Crop yield response to Water. FAO Irrigation and Drainage Paper 66 . FAO, Rome, pp. 124-131. ISBN 978-92-5-107274-5

Nageswara Rao, V and Singh, P and Hansen, J and Krishna, T G and Murthy, S K K (2007) Use of ENSO-based seasonal rainfall forecasting for informed cropping decisions by farmers in the SAT India. In: Climate Prediction and Agriculture. Advances and Challenges . Springer Berlin Heidelberg, New York, pp. 165-180. ISBN 978-3-540-44649-1

Rego, T J and Nageswara Rao, V and Rao, J V D K K (1998) Long-term consequences of legumes in rice-wheat cropping systems in the Indo-Gangetic Plain. In: Residual Effects of Legumes in Rice and Wheat Cropping Systems of the Indo-Gangetic Plain. Oxford & IBH Publishing Co. Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, pp. 129-149. ISBN 81-204-1297-4

Conference or Workshop Item

Haileslassie, A and Craufurd, P Q and Blummel, M and Gumma, M K and Palanisami, K and Nageswara Rao, V (2013) Drivers and major changes in agricultural production systems in drylands of South Asia: assessing implications for key environmental indicators and research needs. In: 11th International Conference on Dryland Development : “Global Climate Change and its Impact on Food & Energy Security in the Dry lands” , 18-23 March 2013, Beijing, China.

Nageswara Rao, V and Rego, T J and Meinke, H and Parsons, D and Craufurd, P Q and Wani, S P and Kropff, M J (2011) Long-term evaluation of dryland cropping systems intensification for sustainable production in the semi-arid tropics of India. In: Resilient Food Systems for a Changing World: Proceedings of the 5th World Congress of Conservation Agriculture incorporating 3rd Farming Systems Design Conference, 26-29 September 2011, Brisbane, Australia.

Sreedevi, T K and Wani, S P and Nageswara Rao, V (2007) Empowerment of women for equitable participation in watershed management for improved livelihoods and sustainable development: an analytical study. In: Impact of Watershed Management on Women and Vulnerable Groups: Proceedings of the Workshop on Comprehensive Assessment of Watershed Programs in India, 25 July 2007, ICRISAT, Patancheru, India.

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