Phenotyping sorghum reference set for drought tolerance

Upadhyaya, H D (2008) Phenotyping sorghum reference set for drought tolerance. In: Generation Challenge Program Annual Research Meeting, 12-16 September 2006, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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Drought is one of the most important yields reducing abiotic constraint worldwide. It is proposed to evaluate sorghum reference germplasm set (360 of the 384 reference set accessions), selected based on the genotyping information of composite collection (41 SSR loci data on 3372 accessions), for post-flowering drought tolerance. In the first year, the reference set will be characterised for morpho-agronomic traits to classify accessions into distinct flowering and plant height groups at ICRISAT locations in India, Mali, and Kenya. In the second year, these subgroups will be evaluated for post-flowering drought tolerant traits at three ICRISAT locations (as above). In addition, they will also be evaluated at ICRISAT Patancheru, India for seed micronutrients (Zn and Fe) under varying water regimes (stressed vs unstressed conditions) to identify seed micronutrient dense lines. In third year, selected reference set accessions and staygreen QTL introgression lines will be evaluated for water uptake under stressed conditions in PVC tubes (2.0-m long and 25-cm diameter), and for the proportion of water used prior/after anthesis. In the same year, the most promising post-flowering drought tolerant reference set accessions and stay-green QTL introgression lines will be multilocationally evaluated for postflowering drought tolerance at ICRISAT and NARS locations in India and Africa. In addition to evaluating for post-flowering drought tolerance traits, additional data will be collected on grain/stover yield and component traits to identify lines that are better able to maintain normal growth/yield processes under stress. It is proposed to evaluate this select group of materials in the fourth year (subject to GCP provides funds) at NARS locations to generate additional data on the performance of post-flowering drought tolerant lines. At the completion of project, we will have a better understanding of post-flowering drought tolerance in sorghum, the traits associated with post-flowering drought tolerance, and a range of post-flowering drought tolerant sorghum lines for use in crop improvement programmes.

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