Identification of quantitative trait loci for protein content, oil content and oil quality for groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.)

Sarvamangala, C and Gowda, M V C and Varshney, R K (2011) Identification of quantitative trait loci for protein content, oil content and oil quality for groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.). Field Crops Research, 122 (1). pp. 49-59.

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Very few efforts have been made to improve the nutritional quality of groundnut, as biochemical estimation of quality traits is laborious and uneconomic; hence, it is difficult to improve them through traditional breeding alone. Identification of molecular markers for quality traits will have a great impact in molecular breeding. An attempt was made to identify microsatellite or simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers for important nutritional traits (protein content, oil content and oil quality in terms of oleic acid, linoleic acid and oleic/linoleic acid ratio) in a mapping population consisting of 146 recombinant inbreed lines (RILs) of a cross TG26 × GPBD4. Phenotyping data analysis for quality traits showed significant variation in the population and environment, genotype × environment interaction and high heritability was observed for all the traits. Negative correlation between protein content and oil content, oleic acid and linoleic acid indicated their antagonistic nature. After screening >1000 SSR markers, a partial genetic linkage map comprising of 45 SSR loci on 8 linkage groups with an average inter-marker distance of 14.62 cM was developed. QTL analysis based on single marker analysis (SMA) and composite interval mapping identified some candidate SSR markers associated with major QTLs as well as several minor QTLs for the nutritional traits. Validation of these major QTLs using a wider genetic background may provide the markers for molecular breeding for improving groundnut for nutritional traits.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Groundnut; Nutritional traits; Molecular markers; SSRs; QTLs; Molecular mapping
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Funders: National Fund of the Basic and Strategic Research in Agriculture, Government of India - Department of Biotechnology
Acknowledgement: Authors are thankful to the National Fund of the Basic and Strategic Research in Agriculture of the Indian Council of Agriculture (RKV, MVCG), Department of Biotechnology (DBT) of the Government of India (MVCG) and SP2 Leader Discretionary Grant of Generation Challenge Programme (RKV) for financial support to undertake this study. Thanks are also due to Dr. David J Bertioli, for providing the information on BLAST search for the SSR markers and to Dr Yoginder P Khedikar for his help in experimental work. CS acknowledges Drs. H.L. Nadaf and Kaveri for providing the facility for phenotyping and calibration of NIR for quality traits, to Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Fund for providing fellowship during the study and two anonymous reviewers for their valuable suggestions.
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