Impact of Sorghum on Natural Parasitism of helicoverpa armigera (hubner) by Trichogramma Chilonis IIhii in Cotton in Southern India,

Jadhav, D R and Russell, D. and Armes, N J and Kranthi, K R (2000) Impact of Sorghum on Natural Parasitism of helicoverpa armigera (hubner) by Trichogramma Chilonis IIhii in Cotton in Southern India,. AGRIEAST: Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 2. pp. 6-16. ISSN 0309-877X

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Field trials were condu cted on three cotton hybrids (MECH 1, MECH 12, and RCH 2) grown alone, and with a sorghum hybrid (CSH as a neighbouring crop at two 1) villages, RavulapaJly and Sankeypally, in Ranga Reddy district. Cotton hybrids grown neighbouring to sorghum had significantly higher levels of egg parasitism by TricllOgraJrlma chilonis than in a monocrop. The enhanced level of parasitis m was due to a temporal shift in the T. chilonis population from sorghum to cotton during the cropping season. Paras it ism on sorghum increased slowly in relation to host egg density at both the'village sites and reached a peak of 70% and 60% by mid-September at Ravulapally and S a nkey pally respectively. The mean clutch size on sorghum was 2.06, w i th a maximum of 5 parasitoids emerged per egg. Parasitism of Helicoverpa eggs on cotton by T. chilollis r eac hed a maximum of 68% in mid-October annigera as a neighbouring crop to sorghum and 45% as a 1110nocrop. The mean when grown clutch size on cotton was 2.24, with a maximum of 5 parasitoids emerged per egg. Among the three cotton hybrids tested, parasiti9m was significantly higher on MECH 12 e i t h er grown alone or neighbouring to sorghum.The results are discllssed in terms of the dyn a mi c s of T. chi/ollis buildup on sorghum ancl its subsequent migration to cotton management strategy to suppress the population carryover of H. annigera on as a cotlon.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: cotton, cropping systems, Helicoverpa armigera, sorghum, Triclzogral11ma chilonis.
Subjects: Mandate crops > Sorghum
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Acknowledgement: w as pr ovided by the UK Department for International Devclopment (DfID) Funding in Crop Protection Programme. Dr. A. Polaszek, CAB International Institute of Entomology provided <luthoritative identific<ltion of Trichograllllll(/ ell ilol1is collecteLl both fro m sorghum and cotton. We also wish to acknowledge the continued Stlpport of))r. Roclomiro Ortiz, Director, Gen etic Resources Enhancemcnt Programme (GREP), ICRIS/\f for providing thc K.Y.S. facilitics. Mr. M. Dcvendar Rao and Mr. Satyanarayana of ICRISAT provided invaluablc technical assistance.
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